Global Reach

Today, businesses of all sizes are competing in a global marketplace and are having to expand their operational footprint to remain competitive and maximize their opportunities. At BILTgroup, we deliver comprehensive services that are narrowly focused on global expansion. We have the experience and reach to remove the uncertainty of managing the intricacies of global commerce, international law and tax.

BILTgroup works with attorneys and accountants across the globe to get you the answers your business needs. Many of our relationships are long-term relationships developed over years of practice with lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, and government officials across over 120 countries. Additionally, we are also a “Strategic Partner” of The Appleton Group’s global network of law firms and accounting firms, TAGLaw and TIAG respectively.

BILTgroup has a strategic alliance with Radius Global Growth consultants. Radius shares our commitment to client-focused, tailored solutions and offers a wide range of support services to clients that are expanding into a global marketplace. These services are offered in 80 countries by over 800 employees and include:

  • Software designed to support global payroll, accounting, and expense reporting;
  • Managed Services for global human resource operations, compliance services, and accounting services; and
  • A wide range of consulting services designed to help support a global structure

As a team, Radius supports international HR, facilities, supply chain management and other business/operational matters, and we support international tax, corporate compliance and law.

BILTgroup is also partners with Bridgehouse Law.

With our experience, global connections, and alliances, we can help you reach new markets and new suppliers.

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